National Academy of Sciences Keck Future Initiative Participant

It would be easy to focus on the very real possibility that this valuable work, which is endowed by the Keck Futures Institute / W.M. Kek Foundation but includes work by the National Academy of Sciences, funded by the Federal Government. The climate change work at NAC and other government agencies could and be defunded with the new administration. But I cannot do that, I cannot give in to the fear, for it is fear that underlies where we are at this morning and I am choosing to move out of devastation and a stomach so uneasy that sleep was elusive to a place of action and purpose with a global perspective.

This gathering in Southern California is just one of many progressive and hopeful meetings, actions, movements happening in the USA this morning. The results of the election can not cripple us into despair and inaction, wipe out hope or stop us from working towards an inclusive, peaceful, love centered world. All of us who have a vision that is different that the one spewed by the President elect and his base are responsible for turning our fear, devastation, and grief into positive action and we can begin with what we choose to do today and the energy that we put out into the world.

Janeil Engelstad