The GuestsJaneil Engelstad, artist; founder and director, Make Art with PurposeJohn Perkins, activist, innovative meeting facilitator, organizational change consultantTonya Lockyer, artist and educator
The StoryWith this conversation, we’ll explore these questions: Can we make art that changes people's lives, art that actually creates new ways of living, creates new cultural structures? And if so, how?

Is  there is art that can change lives on a mass scale, can deeply change ways in which large numbers of people look at the world, and possibly build whole new cultural structures. I don't know how much art there is that does those things, and I'm not even sure that these are proper requests to make of art. But it does seem that we desperately need to create shifts in how the world works that are both radical and humane. And my question is: do artists have a role to play in creating those shifts?

Come and talk about it.